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Museum and Heritage Studies

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Degree Offered:

Minor in Museum and Heritage Studies

What is Museum and Heritage Studies?

Museum and Heritage Studies (MHST) is an undergraduate minor program that is complementary to many major programs.  It is particularly relevant to students pursuing majors in the Fine Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, but may also be useful to students in Education, Business or Environmental Design.

The program involves four core courses that survey the history of museums and heritage sites, introduce best practices and examine current theories and issues. The concluding course, MHST 533 (Practicum) offers students the opportunity to gain work experience within the field.  Examples of recent practicum projects can be found here.  Additional courses in MHST are offered periodically.

What can you do with a minor in MHST? 

The minor program is very useful in gaining entry-level positions in:

  • Museums
  • Heritage sites
  • Parks
  • Other such institutions

Potential placements include:

  • Public programming
  • Museum education
  • Collections managing
  • New media coordination
  • Curation

The minor in MHST is also a very useful foundation for students wishing to pursue graduate study in Museum or Heritage Studies.  A number of recent students with the minor in MHST have pursued graduate degrees elsewhere in Canada, the US, and Europe. 

The program has proven helpful enhancing students’ competitive edge, particularly with respect to securing international internships, grants and awards.  Past students have participated in the Alberta Smithsonian Program and secured funding from the Alberta Museums Association. 

Museum & Heritage Study Potential Streams of Study*:

  • Science Museums - Zoos, Natural History Museums, Medical Museums/Archives
  • Heritage Sites - Parks, Historic/Archaeological Sites
  • Historical/Ethnographic Museums
  • Art Museums - Art Curation, Galleries, Art Museums

(*Please contact Program Coodinator if you have any questions about these suggested concentrations)

What does the MHST minor add to your credentials? 

Combining theory and practice, the minor in MHST suggests critical engagement with museum and heritage issues relevant to many arts or cultural endeavours.  It demonstrates to prospective employers an awareness of museum and heritage issues—theoretical and historical—as well experience with their practical functions.

Contact the Program Coordinator:

Dr. Michele Hardy -

For more information, visit the University Calendar.